Exhibition sections

The memorial art exhibition MEMOSVIT combines all directions related to the funeral theme, thus MEMOSVIT is the main funeral exhibition in Ukraine. Here, funeral goods and services, manufacturers, wholesale suppliers are represented as much as possible.

Stone and stone processing companies
Equipment for mining, processing technology, production of natural stone products
Equipment, Machine tools, tools for stone processing (diamond, disks, mills, mats, engraving, etc.)
Memorial stone products (memorials, tombstones, crosses, statues and memorial art)
Stone Care Chemistry (Adhesives, Tubes, Mastic, Paints, Synthetic Waxes, etc.)
Memorials, granite monuments, gravestones of all kinds
Everything for the production of monuments, 3D-design
Products are related to the improvement of burial places
Funeral Accessories
Coffins of all kinds, funeral urns for ashes
Funeral clothing, textile products for mourning funeral, shoes
Funeral floristics (wreaths, frames, artificial flowers, baskets)
Art forging (fences, benches, tables)
Landscaping: planting, landscaping
Tanatopractic, embalming, make-up, cosmetics for posthumous makeup
ourning services
Photoceramics, ovals of porcelain, metal and ceramics
Video, photo, music, process of the mourning ceremony
Legal support in funeral, special literature
Specialized Literature: Obituaries, Epitaphs