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Exhibition sections
Funeral Accessories
Coffins of all kinds, funeral urns for ashes
Funeral clothing, textile products for mourning funeral, shoes
Memorials, granite monuments, gravestones of all kinds
Products are related to the improvement of burial places
Funeral floristics (wreaths, frames, artificial flowers, baskets)
Art forging (fences, benches, tables)
Everything for the production of monuments, 3D-design
Landscaping: planting, landscaping
Tanatopractic, embalming, make-up, cosmetics for posthumous makeup
Mourning services
Photoceramics, ovals of porcelain, metal and ceramics
Video, photo, music, process of the mourning ceremony
Legal support in funeral, special literature
Specialized Literature: Obituaries, Epitaphs
Stone and stone processing companies
Equipment for mining, processing technology, production of natural stone products
Equipment, Machine tools, tools for stone processing (diamond, disks, mills, mats, engraving, etc.)
Memorial stone products (memorials, tombstones, crosses, statues and memorial art)
Stone Care Chemistry (Adhesives, Tubes, Mastic, Paints, Synthetic Waxes, etc.)

Exhibition of funeral services MEMOSVIT

MEMOSVIT Exhibition is the main international exhibition of funeral business in Ukraine. This event of international importance covers all areas of the funeral industry, forming industry trends for the coming years.

The innovations presented during the project, the demonstrated technologies and equipment, as well as the services offered are actively introduced by the participants and are in high demand among the end user.

One of the most important tasks that MEMOSVIT implements as an exhibition of funeral services in Ukraine is active communication between players in this service sector. Thanks to this business communication, new business relationships are formed, contracts are concluded, standards for the provision of funeral services and the production of this very specific product are raised.

The old funeral traditions and rites of the peoples of Ukraine, regardless of their faiths and views on the burial, were directly reflected in the corresponding products and services.

And they are unprecedentedly widely represented in the forum:

  • The best examples of memorial products and technologies for the manufacture of tombstones (monuments from different breeds of granite and marble, sculpture, photoceramics);
  • Textile funeral products (funeral clothes, upholstery, bedspreads);
  • Funeral floristry (wreaths, flowers);
  • Making coffins and urns for cremation;
  • Other funeral products and services.


The products displayed at the funeral exhibition are characterized by a wide range of products and are aimed at customers of various levels - from economy to luxury class.

The high interest in the Ukrainian market for such products and services has determined the international format of the event. In addition to domestic participants, representatives of a dozen countries of the Near and Far Abroad take part in the exhibition. Thus, the funeral exhibition in the eyes of the participants becomes an excellent platform for strengthening their business positions at various levels.

The exhibition of stone and funeral goods MEMOSVIT invites everyone to visit it as guests or to take part, presenting their products or services in this area.

We will be glad to see you at our core business forum!



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