The organizer of the exhibition is the company BALANCE LLC. The founder of this company, the ideological inspiration and organizer of the MEMOSVIT project is Konstantin Mustafin, a well-known expert in the world community in the field of equipment, technologies and materials used in the funeral sphere and stone processing.

The idea to organize a similar exhibition of memorial affairs and funeral culture in Ukraine was born by Konstantin several years ago. Being a regular participant in exhibitions in different countries of the world (Italy, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Belarus and so on), he became increasingly convinced of the need for similar forums in Ukraine.

The president of MEMOSVIT transformed his expert and organizational experience into an appropriate project dedicated to the topic of funerary culture and stone processing.

The relevance of holding such a large-scale specialized event is not in doubt for anyone.

Domestic and foreign companies and experts in various fields of funeral and memorial affairs are invited to participate in the exhibition.

The idea to collect them in one specialized event has several goals at once:

  • enable participants to demonstrate to the end customer their products and services;
  • enable visitors to find a supplier and establish business ties;
  • provide an opportunity for an effective exchange of experience and establish new business relationships, thereby expanding the range of services in the industry and improving their quality level;
  • raise the level of development of funeral services, culture of Ukraine to a higher level through the introduction of new technologies and equipment.



As the preliminary registration of participants showed, the proposed format of the event found the widest response among potential participants. Already today, many companies from different regions of Ukraine and foreign countries announced their desire to participate in the exhibition, intending to demonstrate an unprecedentedly large assortment of goods and services offered.

They have a lot of reasons for the increased interest in the Ukrainian market of memorial products. One of these are Ukrainian granites of various breeds, characterized by color variety, durability and affordable price in comparison with a number of other offers. These raw materials for the funeral industry are of great interest - especially to foreign memorial companies.

Another striking example of the interest of participants is a series of funeral goods of Ukrainian origin, which are in demand abroad. These include, for example, coffins of various classes (from simple to elite), accessories for their decoration, ritual textiles, ready-made tombstones, photoceramics and other products.

In addition to the obvious business orientation of the MEMOSVIT exhibition, I would also like to note its social significance. This is manifested primarily in the fact that the planned event has a significant impact on improving funeral services, improving services, and moving to higher standards.

The vast experience gained allows us to organize and conduct the MEMOSVIT exhibition in accordance with world standards at a high level, to ensure comfortable and successful work for the participants, and to focus on the forum the attention of direct customers of the presented products and services.

To better illustrate the level of the upcoming event, we offer you video reports on similar forums held in other countries. The founder of BALANCE LLC and MEMOSVIT took part in all of them.



Speech at the opening ceremony of the international exhibition Memorial. Stone processing in Minsk in the Republic of Belarus. Close friendship and business relations have been established between the MEMOSVIT exhibition and the Belarusian ritual exhibition, which favorably facilitate the participation of participants in these projects in both events.


Video report from Japan at the ENDEX exhibition in Tokyo


Video report from Italy at the Marmomac exhibition in Verona


We invite everyone to take their business to a higher level to take part in the MEMOSVIT exhibition!